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Residential installations, maintenance, and inspections

Every home is a sanctuary – a space of comfort and security. The unseen veins of electrical systems breathe life into this sanctuary, powering devices, lights, and countless other amenities. We know the significance of efficient power at Le Grange Services, so we ensure that your residential electrical systems are functional and operating at their optimum.


Service overview

Encountered a tripping circuit breaker lately? Disturbed by those unusual noises emanating from your plug sockets? Or perhaps you need expert insights regarding the health and performance of your home's electrical framework. Your concerns are our concerns.

Rest assured, with our experienced team's impeccable prowess in fault-finding, diagnosing issues is a swift and precise labour. This dexterity not only culminates in monetary savings for you but also shields you from the inconveniences of untimely power disruptions. Our commitment lies in proffering quick and decisive solutions, ensuring that your domestic life remains uninterrupted and harmonious.

At Le Grange Services, we believe that no job is too big or too small. Be it a comprehensive rewiring of your DB board or something as elementary as lamp replacements, our dedicated domestic maintenance crew stands ready, always extending their expertise with electrical warmth and a reassuring smile.

What we can do

  • Home wiring and rewiring
  • Installation of household appliances and systems
  • Circuit breaker and panel inspections
  • Safety inspections and code compliance checks
  • Routine electrical maintenance and upgrades
  • Smoke detector and security system installations
  • Grounding and surge protection

Get started

Assure your home sanctuary's impeccable electrical health. Choose Le Grange Services for steadfast solutions that ensure peace of mind and uninterrupted, safe power. Connect with us today!

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